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Here are a few testimonials from some of my clients:

You are great to work with! Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with and extremely responsive.  Your attention to detail is commendable and you really helped my husband get his books in order.  I would recommend you to anyone!

- Diana L.

I can't say enough good things about Maureen and S.O.S. When she came to me, I was a bookkeepers nightmare. I had piles and piles of crumpled receipts and no system of organization. She came in and helped organize my office, sorted through all those receipts, put together a system to maintain my books, and gave me the peace of mind I desperately needed in order to focus on my business. Without her, I can't imagine what kind of financial mess I would be in. I am eternally grateful for her giving spirit, time, effort and expertise. I highly recommend her, especially to small business owners. You won't regret adding her to your team. 

- Stacey H.

I have had the pleasure of using S.O.S. now for three years and in that time my business operates more efficiently and gives me the opportunity to focus on my clients and the work that I do for them. I can dedicate more time to my projects without worrying if I sent in my sales tax or if I paid the electric bill this month. Thank you for everything!

- Fred M.